You can solve your Disputes without going to the Courts and Police Stations with the FDR FOCUS GROUP Professionals, who are having extensive experience in the Legal Knowledge, Family Law, Psychology, Counselling, Conciliation and Mediation.

Following are the Advantages by resolving the Dispute with FDR FOCUS GROUP:

  1. It saves time by not going through the lengthy Court Procedure.
  2. It saves time by not going around the Police Stations.
  3. Autonmy of Parties – Parties can choose the timings, language, place according to their wish.
  4. Confidentiality – The parties usually agree on confidentiality. Thus, disputes can be settled discretely and Family or business secrets will remain confidential.
  5. Cost Efficient - Due to the informal and flexible nature of Counselling and conciliation proceedings, they can be conducted in a time and cost-efficient manner.
  6. Expertise of the FDR FOCUS GROUP Counsellor and Conciliator – The parties are free to select their Counsellor and Conciliator based on their experience, professional / personal expertise, availability, language and cultural skills.
  7. Independent and Impartial nature of the Counsellor and Conciliator.