Through Conciliation we bring both the opposing parties together to reach a compromise in an attempt to avoid taking a case to trial. It is another form of remedy used to settle disputes out of court.

FDR FOCUS GROUP Conciliation Model:

  1. Preparation for Conciliation Process.
  2. Calling Both the Parties separately for recording their statements/perspective on the Disputes.
  3. Joint Sessions with both the Parties to explore the Reason & Resolution for the Disputes.
  4. The Concilliator encourages parties diretly to communicate with each other infornt of the Concilliator, so that they can come to Accord.
  5. Private Meetings – The Conciliator may hold private meetings with each of the Parties.
  6. Concluding Joint Session – The Concilliator will go for more joint sessions in order to narrow the disputes and facilitates the final negations and Agreement.