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March, 2017


In the month of March, 2017, Sri SARAT CHANDRA MURTHY MARADIHALLI, Founder & President of FDR FOCUS GROUP approached Cyberabad Commissionarate, Rajendranagar Division, to launch Family Counselling Center, in Rajendranagar Division.


Sri SANDEEP SHANDILYA, Commissioner of Police, Smt. P.V. PADMAJA, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Smt. JANAKI SHARMILA, Deputy Commissioner of Police with the Co-ordination of Sri GANGA REDDY, ACP and Inspectors Sri JAGADEESWAR and Sri UMENDER showed extreme enthusiasm to open up a Family Counselling Center at Rajendranagar ACP Office exclusively for FDR FOCUS GROUP to Operate and to solve the Family Disputes amicably and to bring stability in the Families.


In this zone Families are suffering and collapsing because of the disputes in their families. This zone consists of all classes of people living like, Upper Class, Middle Class, Lower middle class, etc., but majority of the mass public is working in small scale jobs or daily wage Laborers. All classes of Public are having family disputes and for all types of Family problems they are approaching Police Stations.


Daily police stations are pored with lot of complaints related to family disputes. It became difficult for Police Personal to handle this type of complaints as they are fully occupied to handle other Crimes.


During such times Smt. P.V. PADMAJA, DCP took immediate initiative to Collaborate with FDR FOCUS GROUP lead by Sri. SARAT CHANDRA MURTHY MARADIHALLI to establish a Family Counselling Center in Rajendranagar Division, Shamshabad Zone in order to bring down the Family Disputes thereby to bring the Law and Order in control.


FDR FOCUS GROUP Counselors and Conciliators extreme extensive Skills, Professionalism and Consistency, helped the couples to realize their misdeeds, misunderstandings, ego problems, sarcastic attitude, misbehavior of either parties, addiction problems, extramarital affairs and financial issues etc.    


We worked excellently in resolving the family disputes by using FDR techniques and methods and brought unprecedented success with honesty, sincerity, knowledge, skills, commitment, dedication and hard work.


Since 31-Mar-2017 to till date we have handled more than 1300 cases and could be able to reconcile more than 1000 couples.


We have done this as a Pilot Project in Shamshabad zone which is a most successful project in resolving all types of Family disputes. We want to expand our Activities in terms of Family Counselling, Mediation, Arbitration, Education, Training, Research in the field of FDR and ADR.